Sunday, April 3, 2016

Friday, November 27, 2015

What Are You Thankful For

We were unable to go anywhere this year or have anyone over due to Harold's illness. You see when you have Rheumatoid Arthritis they give you all these medications to suppress your immune system because basically your immune system gets confused and it injures your joints. This leaves someone with no immune system so Harold got pneumonia and was wheezing. All this to say we were pretty much left to our own devices this year on Thanksgiving, which leads me to reflect upon our day.

It started off okay since we knew that we weren't going to be able to go anywhere which was real hard for Harold since we were looking forward to going to his daughters house for our Thanksgiving dinner. This was very special to him since he had never been invited to visit there before and was looking so forward to it.  As the day went on we only had one call from our kids (we have four) and that was the youngest one and her daughter who is 5 called to wish Papa and Nana a happy Thanksgiving. It was so sweet. She had been sick herself and we were so glad she was getting better and was able to go eat Thanksgiving with the family. 

Jill who is one of my many adopted kids called and brought us a wonderful turkey dinner and this was such a blessing. I had been sitting around feeling like these two old people no one wanted to call or even think about. I know that sounds terrible but it is what was going on in my mind.  I started thinking about my Mom and Dad and wondered if I ever neglected to think about them on any of the major Holidays because I was so wrapped up in my agenda and what I wanted to do. Did I forget to call them or acknowledge they were unable to attend a family function? I sure hope I didn't but when you have your own kids and lives it is sometimes hard to keep all the balls in the air when you have so many things pulling at you.  Then the 700 club came on and there were so many stories about being thankful for what you have and not dwelling on what you don't have. There was one particular story that made Harold and I look at each other and then we both expressed to each other how we had been feeling.  I even told Harold at one point, at least  people in nursing homes have nurse aids to give them turkey dinner even if it's ground up and feed to you with a straw. LOL

Well I got sick of the pity party and started thanking God for all He has given us and for me this turned our whole day around. I had been feeling or trying not to feel anything. I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me and cares for me when I can't care for myself and that I am able to care for him when he needs it.  I started praying for Harold to be healed and not worrying about what anyone else did or didn't do.  I was blessed to have a wonderful dinner brought to us and then the door bell rang and a friend of mine who lost her husband a few years back showed up with more food for Harold and me.

God is so good to us. I just don't know how people go through life not acknowledging the love of the Father. What do they have when things don't go the way they think they should or bad things happen.  Where do they find their joy in bad situations? I know for me I desire to give glory in all situations to the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I really desire all my children and their children for generations come to know and accept the love that God has for them.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to Him, and He will make your paths straight.

I'm not sure who has heard of John Bevere but he has this new book out called Good or God. I recommend that if you haven't gotten it and are reading it that you do. He has some good information in it.  It is like everything else pray over the information and search the scriptures for yourselves. This book gives you a good starting place to study and know the Word for yourself.  One thing he talks about in the book is that if  a soldier was going into a mind field and the soldier had a detailed map of where each bomb and booby trap was would he glance at it and then put it in his back pocket and proceed or would he try to look over and study it for a while and then put it into his back pack then proceed out into the mind field on his memory our would he  hold it in his hand and sturdy it as he walked through the mind field carefully watching every step he took with the map.  Well that's how we should look at the Word of God as our map through the mind field of the enemy's camp. So as I see it, the best place to keep the Word of the Lord is in our hands studying it so that we don't fall into a trap of the enemy. That's kind of how I started out the day yesterday on Thanksgiving with my map in my back pocket then once I realized it I took it out and started to study the ground I was treading on. Thank you God for Your grace and mercy which is new every morning.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Life After 60 Years

Life has been something else these last few years. If I had one piece of advise for the young people of this day and age it is learn to eat right and teach your children to eat healthy.  I wish I would have been better at teaching my children to eat right.  Harold and I are just now finding out how important good food is to our bodies. Better late than never. We are retraining our taste buds to enjoy good foods.

The reason I find this so important is that Harold has been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and palindromic rheumatism. We are getting help from Nancy who has been in remission for sometime due to diet change.  She is a real blessing and is very kind to help us with this. 

We sometimes question whether we're in the right place and under the right circumstance as though God somehow lost track of us while we are in a predicament.  Then I spend way to much time and energy praying asking God to get me out of the situation instead of asking God how he would like to use me in the midst of whatever is going on. I want to use every situation to learn to be Jesus like. I want to see every problem as an opportunity.

God has given Harold a vision to get a trailer set up to take to disaster areas with chain saws, generators, gas and cooking supplies.  So today we decided that no matter how much he is hurting, we are going to look for a trailer and carry on with the vision God has given Harold.  We did find one for $1500 and are just going to believe that God will supply the money it takes to get it.  We already have a lot of the supplies needed to fill the trailer.

So if anyone wants to pray for us please pray that God supplies all the needs and encouragement to help us to keep on going forward in this endeavor God has put on Harold's heart. 

Praise God in all things and all situations for guidance and what will Glorify God.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Calm After The Storm

2010 was a long year.  Praise God my surgery is behind me and I am doing great.  It has been a while since I have had the opportunity to write in my blog and I am only going to make a short note for now but will write something more profound latter this week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

God's Healing Touch

Life seems to go by really fast. I had a procedure on Friday that will tell the doctor how well my colon has healed and what will need to be done to do my take down from the ileostomy. Dr. Jamison is going to look at if he needs to do it in two surgeries or one. I would rather have only one but have full confidence in my doctor and his ability to make the best decision on my behalf. God had given me such a peace in this whole situation.

I was telling Harold the other day that I think that sometimes people get so hung up on physical healing that they forget to look to God for the best possible way to deal with the spiritual side of things. I know that God has healed my spirit and given me the ability to go through anything that happens in my life and still give God the glory and praise with joy in my heart. This is the true healing when you can look at your situation and know that God is in control no matter what happens. I am not saying that God does not heal people physically because I have seen that in my life and others. God had the ability to do what ever He chooses to do. I will write later when I find out more of what is going to take place but for now I am just resting in knowing that God is in control.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

God's Purpose or God's Permission

It has been a while since I have been able to blog.  In my previous blog I said I was having some problems with my back and that it could be weight related.  Well the doctor did an MRI and they found a mass in my pelvic area then an US was ordered and it showed a 9cm mass in my pelvic area on the left side.  From there things just went really fast.  The Salem surgeon would not do anything because they felt it was cancer so they sent my to the Rose Quarter Cancer Center on a Monday and by Thursday I was in surgery.  The surgery was to be a 3 hour surgery and a 6 day hospital stay.  It took Dr. Tseng 2 1/2 hours to get to that mass and in doing so he had to cut up my colon then he found a 8cm mass on the right side.  He called in Dr. Richard Jamison and he had to remove some of my small intestine and colon.  Well 6 1/2 hours later I came out of surgery with a NG tube and a loop ileostomy leaving me with an ostomy bag.  This was one of the hardest things to adjust to.  Dr. Jamison will be doing a reversal at the end of July if all things go good.  I ended up being in the hospital for 16 days.  Then a week later I stopped taking the pain meds that I had been on and went into a drug withdrawal causing me to have to have to return to the hospital for a few days.  In the mean time my wound became infected with staff infection and had to be opened up down to the muscle.  I only looked at it once and could see the muscle and the sutures in that.   After that my husband had to take over and do all of my dressing and wound care because it had to heal from the inside out.  Then last week my ileostomy scared shut and had to be reopened (with out and deadening  I might add).  This caused me to lose a lot of fluid and then my blood pressure went to 80/40 and I went into renal failure causing me to go back into the hospital.  I now have a pic line and have been having to go to STEPS in Silverton for IV therapy.  Finally yesterday my blood levels came in as normal and I am done with the IV therapy and Dr. Jamison will be pulling out the pic line ( IV line going to the heart since all my other veins are not very good at this time) on Friday.   I am getting real close to having my wound healed and that is all doctor is waiting for to do my other surgery.  All this to say that God is very good to me.  I am having a hard time getting the strength to do much so I am getting to spend time with God and that has been wonderful.  We do not know how we cram our lives full and leave a few minutes for God.  When you are able to take time to get to know Him it is awesome. I am still trying to figure out what it is going to take to keep myself in touch with God all the time but I do know that I am getting closer to figuring it out. I do know that I want God's purpose for my life and I do not want to just get by with His permission.  God bless you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do I Listen For God?

One of the things I am personally going through is asking God and then listening for Him to answer, instead I ask God and just going on as if He didn't hear me and take care of it to the best of my ability. I work in the medical field and it is very easy to just ask for healing and when it doesn't happen instantly running off to a doctor. My back has been bothering my the last few weeks and it now is getting where it is hard to walk in the mornings due to the leg and hip pain. Of course as I am complaining and going on how bad the pain is to Harold, he says "Cherylynn just ask God to heal you". So I started to pray and ask God to heal me, but in the mean time I make a doctors appointment. Well I work for the doctor that I go to and you would think that I could get seen right away, which for the most part happens. Well not this time. I had to schedule an appointment for the 15th of April and then the doctor decided to change his schedule and I had to put my appointment off until the 21st. In the mean time Harold and I are discussing my situation and he says to me " I don't think you are listening to God " of course I say "what are you talking about I have been crying out to God for 2 weeks now and have heard nothing" well then of course Harold ( very lovingly by the way) says " I have heard you complain about your weight and how if you lost 20lbs your back would of course not have the pressure on it and would feel a lot better so why don't you go to Jenny Craig and try to lose some weight I think that is what God is trying to tell you." Well I now have been going to Jenny Craig's for a week and have lost some weight and will be continuing to lose weight and feel much better physically and mentally. It became very clear to me that I was living outside of what God has for me. He has provided a way for me to eat healthy and to get exercise and I have ignored it most of my life. I thought getting rid of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes was it, but I just traded one addiction for another. Now is the first day of the rest of my life and I want to spend it giving glory to God, listening to God, and loving God with all of my heart. I also want to thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband and partner in life that obeys God even when it is not easy. It had to be hard for Harold to speak to me about my weight, but he was very obedient to God and it will make a big difference in my life. That to me is an example of speaking out of love. I must say that if it had not been spoken out of love I would have been angry and hurt because my weight is a big area if shame in my life that the enemy has used against me for a long time. Well no more of that, God has now brought it out into the light and the enemy can no longer use it to shame me and make me feel yucky any more. So please pray for me in this area. Blessing everyone!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Tail of the Mighty King and Beautiful Daughter Kendra Lynn

By Nana
(Cherylynn Moore)

Dedicated to her beautiful granddaughter
Kendra Lynn Lunsford

Once upon a time in the Land of Is lived a mighty King who ruled the land good and true. Now this King had a beautiful daughter named Princess Kendra Lynn. This mighty King loved his beautiful little princess with all of his heart. They would spend hours and hours talking and walking about the land of Is.

One fine morning as they were having tea Kendra Lynn’s father began to tell her of the mean troll of the land of Is Not. He warned her to beware of this troll because he was a very tricky and angry troll.

You see he once was a Handsome Prince in the land of Is, but had become power hungry and tried to turn everyone against the Good King. One day when the Good King could take no more of the Handsome Prince’s evil ways and nasty tricks the Good King turned the Handsome Prince into a troll and sent him down to the land of Is Not.
Now the troll had tricked some of the King’s followers and had them taken with him never to return to the Good land of Is.

The Good King warned his beautiful Princess Kendra Lynn to beware and not to go out of the land of Is. He then gave her guards to watch over her.

Now Kendra Lynn loved to wonder all over the land of Is even into the Outer City of Is. She became very weary of always having the guards watching over her, so she started planning how to sneak away from the guards and wonder on her own.

Princess Kendra Lynn sneaked into the secret room off of the King’s Library where he kept the Good Laws of Is. Once in the secret room she changed in to a man’s hat she had put in her bag and a pair of the King’s own britches. She took a rope off of the window curtain and put it around her waist to keep the britches on. She rolled up her beautiful dress and hid it under the good book of Is. Then escaping out the back door she headed for the woods that were not to far and where she could hide and watch the good people of the outer city of Is.

As she sat watching the town’s people she became very tired so she started to look for a place to lay her head. When she awoke it was much later and it was very dark. She could not see anything not even the outer city lights. Then came a soft voice that sounded like velvet saying Kendra Lynn this way, Kendra Lynn this way. She just knew her father the Good King of Is was calling her name so she quickly got up and headed towards the voice. All of a sudden she fell in to a deep hole sliding down, down, down until she landed in the land of Is Not.

The troll was so excited and elated that he had tricked the Good King of Is’ beautiful daughter he began to laugh and then he had a big party with all of his troll friends. He had her cast into the dungeon and there he left her.
Now the Good King of Is serched and serched for his Kendra Lynn for she had not shown up for their walk through the good city of Is. He sent out many guards to find her but to no avail.

The troll was so excited that he had finally had something of the Good King’s that he sent his followers out to the edge of the woods by the outer city of Is and told of the Princesses captrue. He then had her put into a deep sleep.

Word spread quickly about Kendra Lynn’s plight and it did not take long for the Good King to hear of the capture. He sent out the Knight that had been with him since the beginning of time.

When he had heard of the Good King’s problem and the Princesses plight the knight of Rescue came riding in on a white horse. Oh what a beautiful sight to see.

A long with the Knight Rescue came a band of Angels that went everywhere with Knight Rescue. The Good King was so excited that he told Knight Rescue that Kendra Lynn would be his bride forever and ever when Knight Rescue came back with the beautiful Princess.

The battle raged all through the night and into the next morning. Then the enemy troll was finally defeated.

The Knight had finally been able to put the trolls to rest and to start to look for the Princess Kendra Lynn. She was to be his beautiful bride.

The minute he looked at her they fell deeply in love. They had a long trip ahead of them but it was hard for Knight Rescue to take his eyes off of the beautiful Princess.

They were married and they lived happily every after in the land of is. And the Good King of Is was a very happy King.

And the angels sang.

The End

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Words to God

Be Still

Be still and know He is God
Sit quite and feel His presence

He desires an intimate
Relationship with each of us
And we are designed for and
Intimate relationship with Him

The King of Kings and
Lord of Lords is waiting on us
As we reach out to Him
He will reach out to us

Listen can you hear it
Sit quite and feel His presence
The mighty One is speaking
To our heart with care

Oh to smell His sweet presence
Oh to hear His sweet voice
Is a gift to not miss out on

The Princess of God
By Cherylynn Moore

I am a princess
I am Gods Rose of Sharon
A lily of His valley

He has me dance before Him
I delight in His joy
And He delights in mine

He supplies all my needs and
Gives me the desire of my heart
He is the lifter of my head

As I dance before His thrown of Gold
I see the King of Kings
Look at me
Our eyes meet and we become one in Spirit

So intertwined are we
That nothing else matters
I am truly His princess and
He my prince

This is more than I could ever imagine
He arises from His thrown
And as the Angels sing we dance

We float into the garden
Where He walks and talks with me
Among the roses He named after me

I am truly His princess
I am the Rose of Sharon
He is my prince
He is my King of Kings

to Rose Zemp

My Will Be Yours

Oh that Your will be my will
Oh that I love as You love
May Your glory shine down upon us
May Your majesty be known to us

Seek and we will find
The splendor intertwined
Look and you will see the glory
In you and me

Rain down oh Majesty
Help us seek Your will
Through Your Holy Spirit we grasp
What you have revealed to us in the past

How can anyone not see
Your splendor all around
When in your Word you see
That is where it will be found

Glory to your name my Lord
Holy are You
Glory in Your ways oh Lord
Holy one and true

How Majestic Are You

Oh Lord how majestic
Are the mountains
You created
How beautiful are the painted
Desert to behold

Yet eternity is what I yearn for
I long to see Your face

To dance before You
And praise Your name
Is where my heart is all the same

My children and grandchildren
Are a special delight
My husband Harold is the
Wonder of my life

Yet eternity is what I long for
I long to see Your face

To walk and talk with You
To sing Your praise
Is where my heart is
All day long

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Find and Follow Your Destiny in God

It was a very cold day, around 10 degrees. Harold and I were watching the news when the newscaster started interviewing a homeless woman that was sleeping on the streets of Portland because she owned a dog and the shelters would not let her have her animal in the shelter. When ask what if anything would you like the people to know or do for you she stated “ bring me a cup of hot chocolate”. Of all the things she could have ask for all she wanted was something warm to drink. Of course Harold and I looked at each other and immediately felt the calling of the Lord to go out on the streets and hand out hot chocolate, blankets, gloves and hand warmers. We called the Jerry and Rose and Jerry and Pam to see if they would like to go out with us. We had the Bergamo family Christmas that night so that put us out on the streets about 10:30 PM. We called Jeanie who works with the homeless and she went as well. We prayed prior to leaving and Jerry Z. felt God was telling him shopping center and Oak tree. It was very cold that night and I remember thinking God goes before us and comes after us so I had no fear but was very cold. The first stop we made there were four men and all of them were very cold. Brad was one of the men there and he started to cry and ask what do I do I am very tired of this. The last time Brad was on the streets he was stabbed and in pretty poor health. We told him to meet us at the Store down the street at 9am and we would take him to church with us and that we would talk about what to do then. We continued on and were able to serve many people that night. We even went out to the place called the pits in the middle of Bush Park in the dark. It is a place with some shelter and the guys hide in there when the weather is bad. I thought is was a pretty safe place for them to be but found out latter that the high schools kids go in there and beat up the homeless and helpless. Which really broke my heart. The last stop was on the off ramp going onto highway 22. When we stopped there was a lady there sleeping under a tree and she was freezing with only one blanket. We couldn’t stay long because if we had attracted the police they would make the homeless leave and give them a ticket. This spot was across from the shopping center and the tree was an oak tree just as God had told Jerry. We ended getting home about 2 or 3 am and we were very tired and cold.
The next morning we went to pick up Brad at the Store and he was not there because we were late so we went to Jeanie’s house behind the store and there was Brad waiting for us. We headed off to church and on the way we ask Brad if he would consider going the Lord’s Ranch in Newport Washington which would get him out of his stomping grounds and away from the access to drugs and alcohol. He decided to go so we got him a bus ticket, Harold called the ranch and made arrangements for them to pick up Brad in Spokane and away he went. Harold received a letter from him and he is doing great. Before he left we found out that Brad had a learning disability and could not read real well so Harold shared that with Michael at the ranch and they said that they would work on it with him. In his letter he stated that he is a slow reader but God told him that it is okay and he is now reading in front of 40 men at the ranch. He is very excited and in love with the Lord. He stated that he shines at fixing vehicles and is working on the cars and trucks donated to the ranch. He also was healed of drugs and alcohol addictions. One day at the ranch he was really struggling and one of the guys came up and started praying for him and he felt the addiction lift off of him. I guess the reason I am writing this is because God has a destiny for all of us. Harold’s and mine are working on the streets of Salem with the homeless for now. That my not be your cup of tea but God does have a plan for every one of you every day of your life and when you are obedient to what God is calling you to do it will excite you and warm you heart. Not only that you will save lives for the Lord. God Bless you and keep you.